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Why you need to avoid processed meats

Processed meats such as ham, polony, viennas and salami are all preserved with nitrates or nitrites – suspected human carcinogens. Many also contain several other suspect chemicals…..
Processed meats such as ham, polony, viennas and salami are all preserved with nitrates or nitrites – suspected human carcinogens. Many of them also contain several other chemicals, such as artificial colorants and flavourants, including carrageenan (E407) and MSG (E621).

Sodium nitrate (E250) and sodium nitrite (E251)

Sodium nitrate (E250) and sodium nitrite (E251) are salt-like chemicals. Although their role as a preservative is important, these additives are widely considered to be toxic and carcinogenic in humans.
Nitrates and nitrites react with substances in meats called nitrosamines, which have been proved to cause cancer in a large range of animals. Studies show, however, that these chemicals are carcinogenic in humans also.

In his book Unreasonable Risk, Professor Samuel Epstein, Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition in the US, writes as follows:

Vienna sausages:

“Children eating up to about 12 each month are at an approximately four-fold increased risk of brain cancer and a seven-fold increased risk of leukaemia. This is due to the formation of a nitrosamine carcinogen, by the interaction of nitrate and natural amines in meat.”
•    “It is UNBELIEVABLE that the powerful multibillion dollar global mainstream industries continue to inflict such risks on unsuspecting consumers, especially as safe alternative products are available.
•    It is equally UNBELIEVABLE that regulatory agencies worldwide still deny citizens their inalienable right-to-know of information on avoidable cancer risks from common consumer products.
•    It is even more UNBELIEVABLE that the "charitable" American Cancer Society and federal National Cancer Institute and "cancer establishments" worldwide remain recklessly silent and fail to advise consumers, Congresses and Parliaments, of the scientific evidence for these avoidable cancer risks.”

Eliminate processed meats from your diet

It’s quite simple to eliminate processed meats from your diet. Cook up a large chicken, leg of lamb or roast beef, and keep it in your fridge for snacks and children’s lunch-boxes. Alternatively, try different fillings for sandwiches such as cheese, egg, hummus and lettuce, etc.
Even freezing some home-cooked meats is far better than tanking yourself and your children up with carcinogenic chemical food-additives.

These simple changes will help protect your family by eliminating these nasty unsafe food additives from your daily diet.

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Vienna sausage pic: © MarcoBagnoli Elflaco -

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