Thursday, July 12, 2012

A day for Hope

Georgia, Monterion Dionte Davis pleaded guilty in front of the judge and jurors today before the trial of Hope could start. The evidence was so overwhelming Davis pleaded guilty on all counts of animal abuse.

The sentence was handed down, 5 years with a minimum of 2 years to be served, and Davis is not allowed to be around animals, Davis was led out of the Court in Handcuffs.

Davis was arrested July of last year after authorities investigated a dog that was brought in to a animal shelter that had nearly been decapitated.

Monroe County Sheriff John Cary Bittick said that this was the worst case of animal abuse he'd seen in his 29 years as sheriff.

Bittick said good detective work led them to Davis. He said Davis admitted to using an electrical cord to tie the dog now named Hope in the woods. The sheriff's office said Davis told investigators he left the dog to die.

The story of Hope

On July 7th 2011 Shane and his wife Janet Smith went to the local Shelter because Janet would rescue dogs for an animal advocacy group. Shane Smith stated “we went up to the kennels and I saw a dog sitting in the back of one of the stalls with a wire around her neck. She walked up to Janet and I and then sat back down because she was so weak.”

“I told Janet we were not leaving without that dog.” Smith went on to state “Janet called the president of the rescue group and was told, as I don’t ask for much, I can take her, but with the understanding that the rescue group’s regular donors were not to be asked for money to help the dog. Then the president said she would make the first donation to help.”

“Janet and I gently put her in the car and headed to the Caldwell Veterinary Hospital . On the way, Janet said we could name her Faith or Hope. I thought Hope was a perfect name. The veterinary staff was waiting for Hope when we arrived. The surgery to repair the damage to Hope’s neck was performed that night."

Dr. Butler Caldwell who preformed Hopes emergency surgery was amazed she was still alive.
"Most of the musculature in her neck and the trachea had been severed," said Dr. Caldwell. "Fortunately, the major arteries were not severed or the esophagus."

On July 26th of 2011 Hope took her last breath.

Smith stated “for 19 days we worked so hard from morning until past midnight to try to help her. I stayed with Hope until she was at peace. Hope’s urn is at home with us, where it will stay.”

Shane and Janet Smith made a promise to Hope before she died that they would find justice for her, and that is exactly what they did today.

Animal abusers that end up in court are rarely given prison sentences; most are given a fine and sent out to abuse again.

This was a day for Hope.

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