Friday, February 18, 2011

There is always hope

Up until a few months ago I was still searching for answers, searching for peace of mind, but most of all searching for love! What I didn’t realize until recently, was that I desperately needed to be loved, not by someone else, but to be loved by myself for who I am and accept myself for who I am.

Over the last couple of years I’ve lost myself and had no idea who that person was that was staring back at me from the mirror. She was just a body, an empty shell with a broken soul. I am in my 40’s and still single. Don’t get me wrong. I am really glad that I am still single. I can do what I want and how I want to and when I want to. I don’t have to ask anybody’s permission or approval to be who I am destined to be. I don’t have to answer to anybody if I want to buy something for myself. I have literally unhooked that dreadful “Venter trailer” with all the unnecessary “baggage”  and I now travel lightly with only the necessary. I am satisfied with who I am.

My unusually high expectations are now fuelled by a passion for life and I now spread my wings further and stronger.

My faith carries me through my dreams; it forms my thoughts and gives birth to my deepest desires. I am soaring through life higher than I ever thought possible.

And I LOVE IT! I am lucky to have this second chance on life. I realize now that the colours of life are not just black and white. It is a bright and vibrant rainbow full of passionate colours. The pain of the past is just there... in the past.

Today I can stand on my soapbox full of experiences and shout out to all that THERE IS HOPE!

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