Monday, August 12, 2013

Watch Out For Rip Currents This Summer!

Watch Out For Rip Currents This Summer!
Stay safe while at the beach this summer and avoid any signs of a rip current! This could save your life. This is what a typical rip current looks like from the beach. We have all seen them, we just weren't sure of exactly what it is that we were looking at and so we weren't aware of the danger. Make sure you survey the waves when you arrive at any new beach. When you're watching the waves, if you notice a more flat spot that is always present in the formation of the waves as in the picture, that's a rip current. The water is moving in the opposite direction in that area, so be sure to always stay clear of those areas! It's definitely not a place to spend a calm or relaxing day at the beach, particularly if you had planned on swimming or have small children with you.
If you do happen to get caught up in a current like this, attempt only to swim out of the current, not against it. If you swim either left or right, parallel with the beach, you will eventually swim out of the current. Do not push yourself too hard, and focus primarily on just keeping your head above water and breathing. From there you can spot the beach and swim parallel to it until you are no longer being tugged about. Of course the best way to survive a rip current is to learn to identify them ahead of time and to avoid them entirely.

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