Friday, September 21, 2012

Rocking the Pink: Finding Myself on the Other Side of Cancer


Rocking the Pink: Finding Myself on the Other Side of Cancer by Laura Roppé

In 2008, just as Laura Roppé was poised to burst onto the music scene, her doctor called her with news that left her spinning. She had been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer. Just days earlier, she had signed a dream-come-true contract with a record label; now, she wasn’t even sure how much longer she had to live. Never one to back down to a challenge, however, Roppé gathered her courage, took stock of her priorities, and made a decision: Cancer may take my hair, she told herself, but that’s all it’s getting.

More than a cancer journey, Rocking the Pink is a quirky, charming, and poignant ode to love, friendship, and music. Roppé is unflinchingly honest and unfailingly funny as she tells the story of her odyssey: from childhood dreamer and giddy valet parker to the Hollywood stars to disillusioned lawyer, wife, and mother; from budding songwriter and late-blooming recording artist to determined cancer survivor. Full of raw emotion and humor that will make you laugh through your tears, Rocking the Pink is a chronicle of discovering one's true self through life’s difficult circumstances and a testament to the hang-in-tough, take-no-prisoners attitude it takes to kick cancer’s butt.

Rocking the Pink: Finding Myself on the Other Side of Cancer Details:
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #27857 in Books
  • Published on: 2012-02-28
  • Original language: English
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  • Binding: Paperback
  • 320 pages

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! What can I truely say? I'm not a
    big fan of Memoirs... but, I read Laura's
    book because it is about something that
    is close to my heart. Breast Cancer. I
    have lost a friend to Breast Cancer
    already, another is currently going for
    her chemo treatments. I've lost family
    and friends to other forms of cancer.
    So yes, this is something that I will
    support and motivate others to support
    as well. I realise that not everyone can
    afford to make big financial donations,
    but by spreading the word, creating
    awareness and supporting the cause by
    small contributions, we can all stand
    together and make one big difference.

    I spread the word and create awareness
    thru Social Media and it was on Twitter
    that I learned about Laura Roppe. I
    ordered Laura's book online from They did not have it in
    stock at the time but they got it for me.

    I read "Rocking the Pink" and I both
    laughed and cried. Laura is so witty and
    full of life. Once I started reading, I
    could not put the book down. The book
    took me on a quick journey through
    Laura's life, and wow!, she is one
    amazing and courageous lady. When life
    threw her a curve ball in the form of
    Triple Negative Breast Cancer she made
    the choice to get better and make her
    dream of becoming a rock star, a reality.

    Laura, you really do rock! I wish you all
    of the best in future. Live that dream!

    I'm planning on ordering your music next.
    All 3 of your CDs!


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