Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just another stray dog in someone's way

Los Angeles, CA: As cars speed by on their way to important destinations, one sweet Labrador retriever stands in the middle of the road by her friend. While onlookers do nothing, this sweet dog waits for help, help that never comes.

Someone did bother to call animal control, so now this beautiful soul is in the Baldwin Park Animal Care Centre with hundreds of other unwanted pets.

What a terrible comment about our society. What appointment was so urgent to take the life of an innocent animal? Did the person arrive on time at their destination? The person who hit and killed the Labrador's friend must have quite a personality to be so in demand. Two dogs, at least, have been removed from the Los Angeles streets so that busy people like the hit and run driver can get on with their lives.

In the meantime, this unwanted dog sits at a high kill shelter with the time clock ticking. These two animals are just stray dogs who got in the way. Imagine a world with no dogs at all….only people like the person who ran over this Labrador's friend so he could arrive five seconds faster.

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