Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ashley Judd Funds Efforts to Save Abused Dog’s Life

Get out your hankies, folks, because this one is a tear-jerker.

Actress Ashley Judd is personally involved in the rehabilitation of a severely abused cockapoo named Walter — and despite her efforts, it’s not clear yet whether he’s going to make it.
Walter was not only starved by his previous owner (the emaciated dog weighs only 11 pounds, about half of what he should, considering that he’s five), but he was also thrown out of the window of a moving car.

He was rescued by Tennessee-based organization Snooty Giggles, who partnered with the Animalia Health and Wellness for Animals clinic to try and save his life. And that’s where Judd stepped in.
The actress heard about Walter’s plight and contacted both organizations. She not only volunteered to foot his medical bills, but she also visits Walter every day, emotionally supporting his recovery. Still, it might not be enough — Walter’s condition is very fragile.

“We are doing everything we can to help Walter. Ashley has been a huge support,” says Snooty Giggles’ Shawn Aswad.

“It’s almost unbearable,” Judd says. ”It certainly defies individual and collective humanity to know that, not just Walter, but a lot of animals, are treated this way.”

Despite his ordeal, Walter has a very sweet temperament and enjoys being around people and other dogs. Judd hopes that she might eventually foster Walter, but it will be a long time coming — she says Walter’s recovery will be a “very long journey.” However, she also notes that he clearly has a strong will to live, something that certainly works in his favor.

Walter’s progress is regularly documented at both the Snooty Giggles Facebook page, and Judd’s own Twitter account (she also tweets photos of him). The most recent updates state that there has been a slight downturn in his health, but the rescuers aren’t giving up.

“As roller coasters go….it’s going to be another up and down day for Walter. Over night he developed a bit of a cough and is definitely much weaker. His WBC count has gone back up a smidgeon (not surprising, but disappointing), his electrolytes remain balanced, which is key (and very impressive I must say….not an easy task for a vet team considering the circumstances). So….here we go again….lots of coffee and chocolate being circulated at Animalia Health and Wellness. I promise to give a mid-day report with pictures. Keep the love coming,” reports the Snooty Giggles page.
No matter what happens, Judd wants Walter’s story to be shared and hopes that it will serve as a lesson.

“This never should have happened to Walter, and through his story, we can make sure that it never happens to another animal again,” she says.

Here’s hoping for a happy ending.

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