Friday, March 30, 2012

Los Angeles Youth Network

Slash is doing his part to support the Los Angeles Youth Network, a non-profit organization which helps runaway and homeless youth on the streets of Los Angeles, CA. The ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist has released a new version of his 2010 single “Gotten,” featuring vocals from Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, for the charity.

You’ll need to make a minimum donation of $1 on Slash’s website in order to own the new track, with all proceeds going to the Los Angeles Youth Network.

In addition, Slash has created a new video for the track. The nine-minute short film features a storyline that centers on a 16-year-old girl who runs away from home because her mother’s boyfriend is abusive. The girl lives on the street for a time, but eventually returns to the house to rescue her mother.

In addition, the new video packs some additional star power that includes Hellcats actress Amanda “AJ” Milchalka, True Blood actress Kristin Bauer and The Breakfast Club actor Judd Nelson, among others.
“This video was created to make people take notice of the homeless teen epidemic which is rampant in L.A. as well as in the rest of the country,” said Slash in a statement. “The story in this video is just one scenario amid millions of potential situations happening at any given time in Los Angeles alone. Everybody involved with the making of this video selflessly donated their time and talents to this cause. I thank them with all my heart.”

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Protect and save our animals - wild and domestic

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Monday, March 19, 2012

A heart touching story

A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery. He answered the call ASAP, changed his clothes & went directly to the surgery block. He found the boy's father pacing in the hall waiting for the doctor. On seeing him, the dad yelled: Why did you take all this time to come? Don't you know that my son's life is in danger? Don't you have any sense of responsibility?

The doctor smiled and said: I'm sorry, I wasn't in the hospital& I came as fast as I could after receiving the call. And now, I wish you could calm down so that I can do my work.

"Calm down>? What if your son was in this room right now? Would you calm down? If your own son dies now what will you do?" said the father angrily.

The doctor smiled again and replied" I will say what Job said in the Holy Book" From dust we came & to dust we return, blessed be the name of God "Doctors cannot prolong lives. Go and intercede for your son, we will do our best by God's grace"

"Giving advises when we're not concerned is so easy "murmured the father.

The surgery took some hours, after which the doctor went out happy,

"Thank goodness!, your son is saved" And without waiting for the father's reply he carried on his way running. "If you have any question, ask the nurse!!"

"Why is he so arrogant? He couldn't wait some minutes so that I ask about my son's state" Commented the father when seeing the nurse minutes after the doctor left.

The nurse answered, tears coming down her face: "His son died yesterday in a road accident, he was in the burial when we called him for your son's surgery. And now that he saved your son's life, he left running to finish his son's burial"

Moral of the story: Never judge anyone because you never know how their life is and what they are going through.

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Mom's Empty Chair

A woman's daughter had asked the local minister to come and pray with her mother.
When the minister arrived,

he found the woman lying in bed with her head propped up on two pillows.

An empty chair sat beside her bed.
The minister assumed that the woman

had been informed of his visit... 'I guess you were expecting me, he said

'No, who are you?' said the mother.
The minister told her his name and then remarked,

'I saw the empty chair and I figured you knew
I was going to show up..'

'Oh yeah, the chair,' said the bedridden woman
'Would you mind closing the door?'
Puzzled, the minister shut the door.
'I have never told anyone this,

not even my daughter,' said the woman.

'But all of my life I have never

known how to pray.
At church I used to hear the pastor talk about prayer,
but it went right over my head...'

I abandoned any attempt at prayer,'

the old woman continued, '
until one day four years ago, my best friend said to me,
' Prayer is just a simple matter
of having a conversation with Jesus.
Here is what I suggest..
'Sit down in a chair;
place an empty chair in front of you,
and in faith see Jesus on the chair.

It's not spooky because he promised,
'I will be with you always'..
'Then just speak to him in the same way

you're doing with me right now...'

'So, I tried it and I've liked it so much

that I do it a couple of hours every day.
I'm careful though. If my daughter saw me talking
to an empty chair, she'd either have a nervous breakdown
or send me off to the funny farm.'

The minister was deeply moved by the story and
encouraged the old woman to continue on the journey.
Then he prayed with her, anointed her with oil,

and returned to the church.

Two nights later the daughter called

to tell the minister that her mama

had died that afternoon.

Did she die in peace?' he asked.

Yes, when I left the house about two o'clock,

she called me over to her bedside,

told me she loved me and kissed me on the cheek.
When I got back from the store an hour later,

I found her .

But there was something strange about her death.

Apparently, just before Mom died,

she leaned over and rested her head on the chair

beside the bed. What do you make of that?'

The minister wiped a tear from his eye and said,

'I wish we could all go like that.'

Just send this to four people or more,

and do not break this, please.

Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive.

I asked God for water, He gave me an ocean.*
I asked God for a flower, He gave me a garden.*
I asked God for a friend, He gave me all of YOU...

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God
Painful moments, trust God.

Every moment, thank God.


A young man working in the army was constantly humiliated because he believed in... God.
One day the captain wanted to humiliate him before the troops.

He called the young man and said: - Young man come here, take the key and go and park the Jeep in front.
The young man replied: - I can not drive!

The captain said: - But then ask your assistance God! shows us that he exist!

The young man takes the key and walked to the vehicle begins to pray ...He parks the
jeep to the place PERFECTLY as well as the captain wanted.

The young man came out of the jeep and saw them all crying.
They all said together: - We want to serve your God!

The young soldier was astonished, asked what was going on?

CAPTAIN crying opened the hood of the jeep by showing the young man that the car had no engine.

Then the boy said: See? This is the God I serve, THE GOD OF IMPOSSIBLE, the God who gives life to what does not exist.

You may think there are things still impossible WITH GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE ...

Are you HAPPY?


By Abu Muhammad Yusuf

We are all searching for happiness. In achieving this happiness our attitude in life plays a crucial role.

After years of hard and dedicated service to his Company, Ahmed was being appointed at an elegant reception  as the new Director. It was a small function where his wife Fatimah, a Home Executive,  and  some of the wives of the other persons in top management were also present.

In an adjacent room, Ann, the wife of the CEO of the Company, asked Ahmed's wife a very odd and unusual question; "Does your husband make you happy?"

The husband, Ahmed, who at that moment was not at her side, but was sufficiently near to hear the question, paid attention to the conversation, sitting up slightly, feeling secure, even filling his chest lightly in pride and hope, knowing that his spouse was a role model Muslimah and would definitely not publically lower or degrade her husband, would answer affirmatively, since she had always been there for him during their marriage and generally in life. Nevertheless, to both his and the others' surprise, she replied simply;

"No, no he doesn't make me happy…"

The room became uncomfortably silent, as if everyone were listening to the spouse's response. There was a sudden coldness in the air. The husband was petrified. A frown appeared on his face. He couldn't believe what his wife was saying, especially at such an important occasion for him. To the amazement of her husband and of everyone!

Fatimah sat up firmly, moved her elegant black hijab in place, and explained in a modest but stern tone to the other wives who were present;

"No, he doesn't make me happy… I AM HAPPY. The fact that I am happy or not doesn't depend on him, but on me. Allah Ta'ala is Most Wise and has granted each of us intellect and discretion to reason, interpret and decide. Allah Ta'ala made me the person upon which my happiness depends. I make the choice to be happy in each situation and in each moment of my life. If my happiness were to depend on other people, on other things or circumstances on the face of this earth, I would be in serious trouble! Over my life I have learned a couple of things: I decide to be happy and the rest is a matter of 'experiences or circumstances;' like helping, and understanding, accepting, listening, consoling; and with my spouse, I have lived and practiced this many times. Honestly, true happiness lies in being content"

Relieved and reassured, a smile was clearly noticed on Ahmed's face.

Moral:  Happiness will always be found in contentment, forgiveness and in loving yourself and others. To truly love is difficult, it is to forgive unconditionally, to live, to take the "experiences or circumstances" as they are, facing them together and being happy with conviction. There are those who say I cannot be happy  :

·       Because I am sick.

·       Because I have no money.

·       Because it's too cold.

·       Because they insulted me.

·       Because someone stopped loving me.

·       Because someone didn't appreciate me.

But what you don't know is that you can be happy even though you are sick, whether it is too hot, whether you have money or not, whether someone has insulted you, or someone didn't love you, or hasn't valued you.

The Noble Messenger of Allah Ta'ala is reported to have said: "The happiness of the son of Adam depends on his being content with what Allah has decreed for him…the misery of the son of Adam results from in his discontent with what Allah has decreed for him." (Hadith- Tarmidhi)

Being Happy is an attitude about life and each one of us must decide!

Being Happy, depends on you!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Story of an amazing bear rescue

Oh my goodness! The things we learn from the animal kingdom...... Absolutely amazing.
This is very wise…

A bear was walking across Rainbow Bridge (Old Hwy 40) at Donner Summit, on Saturday when two cars also crossing the bridge scared the bear into jumping over the edge of the bridge. Somehow the bear caught the ledge (see unbelievable photo, above) and pulled itself to safety. Authorities decided that nothing could be done to help Saturday night so they returned Sunday morning to find the bear sound asleep on the ledge.

After securing a net under the bridge the bear was tranquilized, fell into the net, lowered,
then woke up and walked out of the net.

There is a moral to this story you know.  
This old bear made a wrong move and found he was hanging by his nails.  
Somehow he was able to pull himself up onto the ledge where he saw he was in a very bad, impossible situation and what did he do?  
Yep, he took a nap and sure enough the situation took care of itself while he was asleep.

The moral is that when confronted with a bad situation sometimes the best solution is
 take a nap. 

Lion cub saved by mum

Cliff-hanger! Lion cub saved by mum in dramatic scenes caught on camera as he cries out pitifully for help

Clinging on for dear life to the side of a vertical cliff, the tiny lion cub cries out pitifully for help.
His mother arrives at the edge of the precipice with three other lionesses and a male. The females start to clamber down together but turn back daunted by the sheer drop.

Eventually one single factor determines which of them will risk her life to save the youngster – motherly love.

The drama begins: The mother arrives at the edge of the cliff as her son cries out for rescue after being trapped when he slipped

On the brink: Four lionesses look over the edge before aborting their rescue mission because of the sheer drop

Slowly, agonisingly, the big cat edges her way down towards her terrified son, using her powerful claws to grip the crumbling cliff side.
One slip from her and both animals could end up dead at the bottom of the ravine.
Just as the exhausted cub seems about to fall, his mother circles beneath him and he is snatched up in her jaws.
She then begins the equally perilous journey back to the top. Minutes later, they arrive and she gives the frightened creature a consoling lick on the head.
The dramatic rescue, captured by wildlife photographer Jean-Francois Largot, was played out in Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve.

Despite the presence of wardens to deter poachers, day-to-day life for the lions is not without its dangers … as the cub learned the hard way.

Rescue mission: The mother inches her way down the cliff face to rescue the terrified cub before locking him in her jaws and making her way back up the cliff face

Motherly love: The mother gives her son a lick to say that all is well in the pride following the drama


Who said only humans know what is love

Who said only humans know what is love

Yes, animals are more deluded because of their capacity of their physical body, but
occasionally some of them might be able show us the love that we have forgotten on
our 'busy road'. Just like this story.

This is real touching…

Hey, wake up! wake up!

A dog was knocked down by a car and died on the middle of the road. Later, another dog is seen beside the corpse of the dog, he tried to wake his friend up using his leg.

Let's move to the safer side of the road...i will move you to the safer side!

When his attempts to wake his friend failed, he tried to push his friend to the side of the road. But the weight of his friend was proven too heavy for him.

"Anyone help, tell me what to do."
Though the traffic is busy and dangerous, he just will not go away from his friend.
Just stand beside his friend howling and crying.

A lot of people saw this incident and feel very touched. How even a dog can show his loyalty and love to his friend.