Monday, May 23, 2011

Psalm 133:7

"He lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump." Psalm 133:7

All these things the Lord does through angels and these angels that I am talking about are not the one we expect as we read from the bible the account of angels with wings and some with three heads.

These angels that God uses for this task of lifting the poor and the needy are earthly human being.

Unlike many of us these angels are not just regular human beings, only one thing make them extraordinary and that thing is their willingness to partner with God in delivery a miracle to a soul in need.

Our God is a miracle working God and He is always looking for willing soul in which to deliver a miracle to someone through. At the end of every miracle there is a delivery agent!

if you have ever experienced a miracle before, take time to track back through the steps of what happened and you will find that there was a delivery man or woman involved in the manifestation of your miracle experience.

Someone opened His\Her heart and said to the Lord "use me today to become an answer to someone's prayer out there" and seeing their willingness to serve God answered that particular prayer you have been asking for so long.

It was because someone chooses to halt their needs and desire yours where meet.

For the Israelites to receive a miracle of being freed from 400 years of slavery God used Moses for a job that God Himself would have completed in one day all because Moses Had a willing and faithful heart.

For Saul to defeat the Philistines God used a small shepherd boy David who had a heart of a lion and said to God "Send me to do your will", God uses ordinary people to become extraordinary if only they are willing to let Him use them!

Today a Child on the street has been cry out to God for help and God has been searching all over to and fro looking for souls that are will to partner with Him in a miracle delivery.

It time we stop living selfishly and start to serve others, for Jesus came and served us by giving up His life so we can live and have life of abundance.

Sometimes our need should have to wait for others need to be fulfilled.
It is time to open up our hearts in selfless sacrifice and just allow God to us powerfully in becoming someone's unexplainable miracle.

God wants to "lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump." Psalm 133:7 and He is looking to those who are blessed and have "Freely received" to start to "Freely give".

Let us make it our priority to make someone else's day that small kindness your planning to show someone can help them forget all the 10 years of suffering they have gone through, just one day of smiling back at someone [be a stranger or family or friend] can restore hope in that person’s heart.

Even a smile expressed out of love can be a miracle to some of the people out there who are feeling reject and unwanted. Become someone's miracle today!

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