Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jealousy makes you nasty

A few months ago I received a SMS from someone that calls herself a "friend" where she told me that I deserve everything that comes my way. And she did not mean it in a nice way.
So I decided, to prove her totally wrong. I continued with my day to day life. I cut myself off from people that pretend to be "friends". And ever since then my life just got better day by day.
I am a happier person.
I am more care-free in spite of my own everyday battles.
I started doing things differently and it turned out to be to my advantage.
When people around me are negative, I switch myself off from them.
I was told in the past that I am not capable of this or that, and I proved myself capable of much more.
Don't tell me that I can't do something, because my answer will be "Watch this space".
I am still the same person, I only chose to do things differently.
I am at peace not only with myself, but within myself.
But the bitterness of jealous people will probably always come knocking at my door.
People just cannot handle the fact that I am becoming a stronger and happier person.
They see me happy and they get jealous, then they try stunts like today, just to try and break my spirit.
Oops! It ain't gonna happen, sorry.....
I am sooooo over my past life and all the unhappiness.
I am moving forward to bigger and better things.
All because I chose to do things differently.
I no longer do what I am told.
I question everything that people tell me to do. (Why, what's in it for you?????)
I refuse to let anyone stand in my way to a happier life.
It is my life and if people don't like what they see, then they must not look my way.
I have come a long way from where I used to be to where I am now.
I used to be weak - now I am stronger. (Not strong, just stronger than what I used to be)
There is this cool line that I saw one day : "Sticks and stones don't break my bones."
That's me, you might bruise me slightly, but you won't break me.

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