Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm feeling so blessed

Im laying here in bed listening to the wind and rain outside.
And I realize how blessed I am to be able to hear these small things. Many people are able to hear but they dont listen while there are deaf people that would give anything just to be able to hear and listen.
There are people that can see but they dont look while there are blind people wishing that they could see just one sunset and be able to fully appreciate the beauty of God's creation.
We don't always appreciate what we already have and still we want more.
Think of how it must feel for someone diagnosed with cancer. Will that person still be around next year to sit and watch the sun come out. See his children and wife and how happy they are.
What we would not give just to be healthy and happy and feel blessed.
I can only pray that our friend will recover and live on to be a survivor.
I've lost too many good people in my life to cancer. Please let there be one survivor.
I can only thank God for my health. Might not be perfect health but I am not sick.
May God bless all my family, friends and crazy colleagues.
Life is after all what we make of it.

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