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Top 15 Cleansing Foods

Top 15 Cleansing Foods

When it comes to cleansing your body of harmful toxins, food really is the best medicine. You’ll be amazed to learn that many of your favourite foods also cleanse the body’s detoxification organs like the liver, intestines, kidneys, and skin, preventing harmful toxic build-up. Help ward off the harmful effects of pollution, food additives, second-hand smoke, and other toxins with delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, and beans.

Apples. Because apples are high in pectin, a type of fibre that binds to cholesterol and heavy metals in the body, they help eliminate toxic build up and to cleanse the intestines.

Avocados. We rarely think of avocados as a cleansing food but these nutritional powerhouses lower cholesterol and dilate blood vessels while blocking artery-destroying toxicity. Avocados contain a nutrient called glutathione, which blocks at least thirty different carcinogens while helping the liver detoxify synthetic chemicals.

Beets. Time to whip up some delicious borscht soup since its main ingredient, beets; contain a unique mixture of natural plant compounds that make them superb blood purifiers and liver cleansers.

Blueberries. Truly one of the most powerful healing foods, blueberries contains natural aspirin that helps lessen the tissue-damaging effects of chronic inflammation, while lessening pain. Blueberries also act as antibiotics by blocking bacteria in the urinary tract, thereby helping to prevent infections. They also have antiviral properties and help to block toxins from crossing the blood-brain barrier to gain access to the delicate brain.

Cabbage. Cabbage contains numerous anticancer and antioxidant compounds and helps the liver break down excess hormones. Cabbage also cleanses the digestive tract and neutralizes some of the damaging compounds found in cigarette smoke (and second-hand smoke). It also strengthens the liver’s ability to detoxify

Celery and Celery Seeds. Celery and celery seeds are excellent blood cleansers and contain many different anti-cancer compounds that help detoxify cancer cells from the body. Celery seeds contain over twenty anti-inflammatory substances. It is particularly good for detoxifying substances found in cigarette smoke.

Cranberries. Cleanse your body from harmful bacteria and viruses that may be lingering in your urinary tract with cranberries since they contain antibiotic and antiviral substances.

Flaxseeds and Flaxseed Oil. Loaded with essential fatty acids, particularly the Omega-3s, flaxseeds and flaxseed oil are essential for many cleansing functions throughout the body.

Garlic. Eat garlic to cleanse harmful bacteria, intestinal parasites and viruses from your body, especially from the blood and intestines. It also helps cleanse build-up from the arteries and has anti-cancer and antioxidant properties that help detoxify the body of harmful substances. Additionally, garlic assists with cleansing the respiratory tract by expelling mucous build-up in the lungs and sinuses. For the health benefits, choose only fresh garlic, not garlic powder, which has virtually none of the above properties.

Grapefruit. Add a ruby red grapefruit to your breakfast to benefit from pectin fibre that binds to cholesterol, thereby cleansing the blood. Pectin also binds to heavy metals and helps escort them out of the body. It also has antiviral compounds that cleanse harmful viruses out of the body. Grapefruit is an excellent intestinal and liver detoxifier.

Kale. Steam some kale to benefit from its powerful anti-cancer and antioxidant compounds that help cleanse the body of harmful substances. It is also high in fibre, which helps cleanse the intestinal tract. Like cabbage, kale helps neutralize compounds found in cigarette smoke and strengthens liver cleansing.

Legumes. Add a handful of cooked beans to your next meal since they loaded with fibre that helps lower cholesterol, cleanses the intestines, and regulates blood sugar levels. Legumes also help protect the body against cancer.

Lemons. Excellent liver detoxifiers, lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C, a vitamin needed by the body to make an important substance called glutathione. Glutathione helps the liver detoxify harmful chemicals. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (not the bottled variety) to pure water to support your cleansing efforts on a daily basis.

Seaweed. Seaweed could be the most underrated vegetable in the western world. Studies at McGill University in Montreal showed that seaweeds bind to radioactive waste in the body. Seaweed also binds to heavy metals to help eliminate them from the body. In addition, they are powerhouses of minerals and trace minerals.

Watercress. If you haven’t tried watercress add this delicious green to your next sandwich since it increases detoxification enzymes and acts on cancer cells in the body. In a study at the Norwich Food Research Centre in the United Kingdom, smokers who were given 170 grams of watercress per day eliminated higher than average amounts of carcinogens in their urine, thereby eliminating them from their body.

Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables assists with detoxifying harmful substances from your body. Who knew cleansing could taste so good?

Adapted with permission from: The 4-Week Ultimate Body DetoxPlan by Michelle Schoffro Cook (John Wiley & Sons, 2006). Copyright Michelle Schoffro Cook.

Michelle Schoffro Cook

Michelle Schoffro Cook, MSc, RNCP, ROHP, DNM, PhD is an international best-selling and twelve-time book author and doctor of traditional natural medicine, whose works include: Healing Recipes, The Vitality Diet, Allergy-Proof, Arthritis-Proof, Total Body Detox, The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan, and The Phytozyme Cure. Check out her natural health resources and subscribe to her free e-newsletter World's Healthiest News at

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Native American Indian Traditional Code of Ethics

  1. Each morning upon rising, and each evening before sleeping, give thanks for the life within you and for all life, for the good things the Creator has given you and for the opportunity to grow a little more each day. Consider your thoughts and actions of the past day and seek for the courage and strengthto be a better person. Seek for the things that will benefit others (everyone).
  2. Respect. Respect means "To feel or show honor or esteem for someone or something; to consider the well being of, or to treat someone or somethin with deference or courtesy". Showing respect is a basic law of life.

    a. Treat every person from the tiniest child to the oldest elder with respect at all times.

    b. Special respect should be given to Elders, Parents, Teachers, and Community Leaders.

    c. No person should be made to feel "put down" by you; avoid hurting other hearts as you would avoid a deadly poison.

    d. Touch nothing that belongs to someone else (especially Sacred Objects) without permission, or an understanding between you.

    e. Respect the privacy of every person, never intrude on a person's quiet moment or personal space.

    f. Never walk between people that are conversing.

    g. Never interrupt people who are conversing.

    h. Speak in a soft voice, especially when you are in the presence of Elders, strangers or others to whom special respect is due.

    i. Do not speak unless invited to do so at gatherings where Elders are present (except to ask what is expected of you, should you be in doubt).

    j. Never speak about others in a negative way, whether they are present or not.

    k. Treat the earth and all of her aspects as your mother. Show deep respect for the mineral world, the plant world, and the animal world. Do nothing to pollute our Mother, rise up with wisdom to defend her.

    l. Show deep respect for the beliefs and religion of others.

    m. Listen with courtesy to what others say, even if you feel that what they are saying is worthless. Listen with your heart.

    n. Respect the wisdom of the people in council. Once you give an idea to a council meeting it no longer belongs to you. It belongs to the people. Respect demands that you listen intently to the ideas of others in council and that you do not insist that your idea prevail. Indeed you should freely support the ideas of others if they are true and good, even if those ideas ideas are quite different from the ones you have contributed. The clash of ideas brings forth the Spark of Truth.
  3. Once a council has decided something in unity, respect demands that no one speak secretly against what has been decided. If the council has made an error, that error will become apparent to everyone in its own time.
  4. Be truthful at all times, and under all conditions.
  5. Always treat your guests with honor and consideration. Give of your best food, your best blankets, the best part of your house, and your best service to your guests.
  6. The hurt of one is the hurt of all, the honor of one is the honor of all.
  7. Receive strangers and outsiders with a loving heart and as members of the human family.
  8. All the races and tribes in the world are like the different colored flowers of one meadow. All are beautiful. As children of the Creator they must all be respected.
  9. To serve others, to be of some use to family, community, nation, and the world is one of the main purposes for which human beings have been created. Do not fill yourself with your own affairs and forget your most important talks. True happiness comes only to those who dedicate their lives to the service of others.
  10. Observe moderation and balance in all things.
  11. Know those things that lead to your well-being, and those things that lead to your destruction.
  12. Listen to and follow the guidance given to your heart. Expect guidance to come in many forms; in prayer, in dreams, in times of quiet solitude, and in the words and deeds of wise Elders and friends.

Original version printed in 1982 in the book,"The Sacred Tree" by the Four Worlds Development Project.  Adapted and reprinted in the "Inter-Tribal Times" October 1994. The adapted version is presented here.


The Native American Ten Commandments

The Native American Ten Commandments

Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect

Remain close to the Great Spirit

Show great respect for your fellow beings

 Work together for the benefit of all Mankind

Give assistance and kindness wherever needed

Do what you know to be right

 Look after the well-being of Mind and Body

 Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater Good

 Be truthful and honest at all times

 Take full responsibility for your actions 

Indian 23rd Psalm

This is a beautiful version of the 23rd. Psalm.

I am His and with Him I want not.
He throws out to me a rope and the name of the rope is love
and He draws me to where the grass is green and the water is not dangerous,
and I eat and lie down and am satisfied.
Sometimes my heart is very weak and falls down
but He lifts me up again draws me into a good road.
His name is WONDERFUL .
Sometimes, it may be very soon, it may be a long long time,
He will draw me into a valley.
It is dark there, but I'll be afraid not,
for it is between those mountains that the SHEPHERD CHIEF will meet me
and the hunger that I have in my heart all through life will be satisfied.
Sometimes he makes the love rope into a whip,
but afterwards He gives me a staff to lean upon.
He spreads a table before me with all kinds of foods.
He puts His hand upon my head and all the " tired " is gone.
My cup he fills till it runs over.
What I tell is true. I lie not.
These roads that are "away ahead" will stay with me
through this life and after;
and afterwards I will go to live in the Big Teepee
and sit down with the SHEPHERD CHIEF forever.

Author Unknown

A little bit of humor

Cat Lover or Not, this is Hysterical !!!    

We've all had trouble with our animals, but I don't think anyone can top this one:

Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable. No matter how legitimate my excuse, I always get the feeling that my boss thinks I'm lying.

On one recent occasion, I had a valid reason but lied anyway, because the truth was just too darned humiliating. I simply mentioned that I had sustained a head injury, and I hoped I would feel up to coming in the next day. By then, I reasoned, I could think up a doozy to explain the bandage on the top of my head. The accident occurred mainly because I had given in to my wife's wishes to adopt a cute little kitty.
Initially, the new acquisition was no problem.

Then one morning, I was taking my shower after breakfast when I heard my wife, Deb, call out to me from the kitchen.

"Honey! The garbage disposal is dead again. Please come reset it."

"You know where the button is," I protested through the shower pitter-patter
  and steam.   "Reset it yourself!"

"But I'm scared!" she persisted.  "What if it starts going and sucks me in?"

There was a meaningful pause and then, "C'mon, it'll only take you a second."

So out I came, dripping wet and butt naked, hoping that my silent outraged nudity would make a statement about how I perceived her behaviour as extremely cowardly.

Sighing loudly, I squatted down and stuck my head under the sink to find the button.  It is the last action I remember performing.

It struck without warning, and without any respect to my circumstances. No, it wasn't the hexed disposal, drawing me into its gnashing metal teeth. It was our new kitty, who discovered the fascinating dangling objects she spied hanging between my legs. She had been poised around the corner and stalked me as I reached under the sink. And, at the precise moment when I was most vulnerable, she leapt at the toys I unwittingly offered and snagged them with her needle-like claws. I lost all rational thought to control orderly bodily movements, blindly rising at a violent rate of speed, with the full weight of a kitten hanging from my masculine region.

Wild animals are sometimes faced with a "fight or flight" syndrome.  Men, in this predicament, choose only the "flight" option. I know this from experience.  I was fleeing straight up into the air when the sink and cabinet bluntly and forcefully impeded my ascent.
The impact knocked me out cold.

When I awoke, my wife and the paramedics stood over me.

Now there are not many things in this life worse than finding oneself lying on the kitchen floor butt naked in front of a group of "been-there, done-that" paramedics.    
Even worse, having been fully briefed by my wife, the paramedics were all snorting loudly as they tried to conduct their work, all the while trying to suppress their hysterical laughter......and not succeeding.

Somehow I lived through it all. A few days later I finally made it back in to the office, where colleagues tried to coax an explanation out of me about my head injury. I kept silent, claiming it was too painful to talk about,
which it was.

"What's the matter?"  They all asked, "Cat got your tongue?"
If they only knew!  

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Puppy with horrific injuries discovered along road in Texas

Published on May 9, 2012
Link to article

Sometimes bad things happen to good dogs. Thankfully, sometimes those victimized dogs are discovered, and helped, by good people. A puppy named Bubba has encountered both.
According to Karen Holland, Rescue Director of Chance's Haven, 6-month-old Bubba was discovered along Main Street in Everman, Texas on May 5.

Gilbert Salas, the animal control officer who discovered the puppy, quickly realized that something was terribly wrong and whisked the puppy to an emergency veterinary clinic. Here, Salas learned the horrible truth about what this puppy had endured.

According to the veterinarian, Bubba's wounds, which include a broken hip, three fractures to his rear legs and multiple bite wounds, are consistent with those of a bait dog.

It is believed that Bubba's legs were intentionally broken in order to render him immobile, making it easier for other dogs to attack him. Bubba's injuries were so severe that the emergency veterinarian recommended euthanasia.

But Bubba's story did not end at the clinic. Thankfully, his last moments alive were not shrouded by violence and unimaginable pain.

Instead, Chance's Haven, a 501(c)3 organization, was contacted and the rescue agreed to take on Bubba; despite the knowledge that doing so would come at a huge expense.
Yesterday, Bubba underwent surgery for his multiple fractures at an orthopedic specialist in Pilot Point, Texas. He is currently sporting multiple plates and screws in his legs, but overall, his prognosis is good.

Those who have learned about Bubba's horrific ordeal have been following his story closely on Facebook. Dozens have already contributed funds to help the rescue organization pay for Bubba's extensive surgery.

Unfortunately, though the amount raised so far is admirable, it falls short by thousands. Bubba has a long road ahead of him thanks to the cruelty of individuals mired in the ugly world of dog-fighting. Thankfully, he has landed in the arms of compassionate people who are working hard to undo the considerable wrongs that he has been forced to endure in his short life.

If you are interested in making a contribution towards Bubba's care, please click here.

Maryland Declares All Pit Bulls ‘Inherently Dangerous’

by Allyson Koerner

Last week, the Maryland Court of Appeals officially declared all pit bull-type dogs as “inherently dangerous.” As a result, owners are now more likely to forcibly give up their dogs.
Some feel this is a grave mistake and will have negative effects in the animal community.

“Anyone in custody of this type of dog including owners, landlords, veterinarians, kennels, animal shelters and rescue groups are considered liable even if the dog does not pose a threat,” AllPetNews reports.

There seems to be more than the classification of an animal that makes a dog dangerous. Lack of socialization, type of environment, good or bad qualities of an owner, along with many other elements contribute to whether a pit bull should be deemed dangerous.

However, the Maryland Court of Appeals says “when an attack involves pit bulls, it is no longer necessary to prove that the particular pit bull or pit bulls are dangerous.”

The law doesn’t just include pit bulls, but also dogs that resemble pit bulls. Here are just a few of the actions that will go into effect immediately, according to AllPetNews.

1. Due to abandonment and/or forcing one to give up their dog, there will be an increase of stray pit-bull type dogs in Maryland.

2. More pit bulls living in shelters will be euthanized.

3. Citizens of Maryland will bear a financial burden and live in fear that they will have to abandon their pit bulls.

The law comes into effect ever since 10-year-old Dominic Solesky was mauled by a pit bull in 2007.
Most recently, a Maryland animal rights group, Maryland Votes for Animals, is urging others to ask the governor in a special session next week to pass new legislation regarding the law.

“In Maryland, current law is what we call a one bite rule, that all dogs get one bite before they are determined to be dangerous but what this law does, what it says is pit bulls and pit bull mixes…are immediately considered to be inherently dangerous and we feel it’s absolutely wrong,” Chairwoman Carolyn Kilborn of the animal rights group said.

Ashley Judd Funds Efforts to Save Abused Dog’s Life

Get out your hankies, folks, because this one is a tear-jerker.

Actress Ashley Judd is personally involved in the rehabilitation of a severely abused cockapoo named Walter — and despite her efforts, it’s not clear yet whether he’s going to make it.
Walter was not only starved by his previous owner (the emaciated dog weighs only 11 pounds, about half of what he should, considering that he’s five), but he was also thrown out of the window of a moving car.

He was rescued by Tennessee-based organization Snooty Giggles, who partnered with the Animalia Health and Wellness for Animals clinic to try and save his life. And that’s where Judd stepped in.
The actress heard about Walter’s plight and contacted both organizations. She not only volunteered to foot his medical bills, but she also visits Walter every day, emotionally supporting his recovery. Still, it might not be enough — Walter’s condition is very fragile.

“We are doing everything we can to help Walter. Ashley has been a huge support,” says Snooty Giggles’ Shawn Aswad.

“It’s almost unbearable,” Judd says. ”It certainly defies individual and collective humanity to know that, not just Walter, but a lot of animals, are treated this way.”

Despite his ordeal, Walter has a very sweet temperament and enjoys being around people and other dogs. Judd hopes that she might eventually foster Walter, but it will be a long time coming — she says Walter’s recovery will be a “very long journey.” However, she also notes that he clearly has a strong will to live, something that certainly works in his favor.

Walter’s progress is regularly documented at both the Snooty Giggles Facebook page, and Judd’s own Twitter account (she also tweets photos of him). The most recent updates state that there has been a slight downturn in his health, but the rescuers aren’t giving up.

“As roller coasters go….it’s going to be another up and down day for Walter. Over night he developed a bit of a cough and is definitely much weaker. His WBC count has gone back up a smidgeon (not surprising, but disappointing), his electrolytes remain balanced, which is key (and very impressive I must say….not an easy task for a vet team considering the circumstances). So….here we go again….lots of coffee and chocolate being circulated at Animalia Health and Wellness. I promise to give a mid-day report with pictures. Keep the love coming,” reports the Snooty Giggles page.
No matter what happens, Judd wants Walter’s story to be shared and hopes that it will serve as a lesson.

“This never should have happened to Walter, and through his story, we can make sure that it never happens to another animal again,” she says.

Here’s hoping for a happy ending.

Pitbull stolen from Kuils River, was found in George

English Translation at the bottom

GEORGE. – ’n Piekniekmandjie met tuisgebakte frikkadelle het gisteroggend hier gewag op ’n geliefde gesinshond wat meer as ’n week gelede onder verdagte omstandighede by haar huis in Kuilsrivier verdwyn het.

Die Roux-gesin het gisteroggend douvoordag van Kuilsrivier gery het om Nikita, ’n Amerikaanse veghondteef, op George te kom haal.

Inspekteurs van die Tuinroete-Dierebeskermingsvereniging (DBV) het Maandag in die agterplaas van ’n huis op Blanco op hul troeteldier beslag gelê.

“Dit was soos ’n dood in my huis,” het Riëtte Roux, ’n werknemer van Distell op Stellenbosch, gister in trane aan Die Burger gesê.

Nikita het twee Sondae gelede uit die Rouxs se agterplaas in Kuilsrivier verdwyn. Sedertdien is ’n grootskaalse veldtog van stapel gestuur om hul lieflinghond op te spoor.

’n Onbekende man het met sy flinke optrede gesorg dat die storie ’n gelukkige einde het. Hy is glo in die Kuilsrivier-gebied deur ’n onbekende jong man genader om Nikita te koop. Hy het egter dadelik die hond herken aan die hand van pamflette wat in die omgewing versprei is.

Die man het die registrasienommer van die vermeende verkoper se wit Toyota Tazz afgeskryf en die inligting oorgedra aan die Lucky Lucy-stigting, wie se nommer op die pamflet verskyn. Werknemers van die stigting kon sodoende ’n adres op Blanco opspoor.

“As dit nie vir hom was nie, het ons nou nog gesoek,” het Roux gesê.

Inspekteurs van die Tuinroete-DBV het Nikita in ’n kleinerige houthok van 1m by 2m in die huis se agterplaas gevind.

“Volgens die jong man se ouma wat tuis was, het hy Nikita ‘verniet’ in die Kaap gekry,” het Salomé Botha, hoofinspekteur, aan Die Burger gesê.

Botha het glo 20 minute lank probeer om die polisie te oortuig om haar na die perseel te vergesel. Sy het die inspeksie uiteindelik met die hulp van ’n kollega, André Baardman, gedoen.

“Ek dink hulle wou dalk met haar teel, sonder die wete dat sy reeds gesteriliseer is,” het Botha gesê.
“Gewoonlik word net Amerikaanse veghondreuns vir hondegevegte gebruik.”

Volgens Botha is ’n saak by die polisie op Kuilsrivier aanhangig gemaak en dit word tans ondersoek.

- Die Burger

English Translation

GEORGE. - Yesterday morning a picnic with homemade meatballs awaited a loved family dog ​​that disappeared more than a week ago under suspicious circumstances from her home in Kuils River.Yesterday morning at dawn, the Roux family of Kuils River drove to George to fetch Nikita, an American Pitbull.

Inspectors of the Garden Route SPCA (SPCA) seized their pet on Monday in the backyard of a house in Blanco, George.

A tearfull Celia Roux, an employee of Distell in Stellenbosch, told Die Burger yesterday, "It was like a death in my house"

Nikita disappeared two Sundays ago from Roux's backyard in Kuils River.
Since then, a large-scale campaign was launched to track their beloved dog.

An unknown man with his quick actions ensured that the story had a happy end. He was approached in the Kuils River area by an unknown young man who tried to sell Nikita.
However, he immediately recognized the dog by means of pamphlets being distributed in the area.

The man reported the registration number of the alleged seller's white Toyota Tazz, to the Lucky Lucy Foundation, whose number appears on the leaflet.
Employees of the foundation thus found an address in Blanco.

"If not for him, we would still be looking," said Roux.

Inspectors of the Garden Route SPCA found Nikita in a small 1m by 2m doghouse in the backyard at the address.

"The young man's grandmother was home, he got Nikita 'free' in the Cape," Salome Botha, chief inspector, told Die Burger.

Botha spent for 20 minutes trying to convince the police to accompany her to the site.
She eventually did the inspection with the assistance of a colleague, Andre Baardman.

"I think maybe they wanted to breed with her, without knowing that she has been sterilized," said Botha.

"Usually only American Pitbulls (males) are used for dog-fighting."

According to Botha the case was reported at the police station in Kuils River, and is being investigated.
- The Burger

KuilsRiver is between Cape Town and Paarl.
Distance from Cape Town to George is approximately 438 km (272 miles)

Nikita sure was a long way from home

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Pit bull ban lifted: 1st pittie up for adoption

Weatherford, Texas: This beautiful girl is smiling from ear to ear. Until today, pit bulls were routinely put to sleep at the Weatherford shelter. Under a new ruling, exemplary pit bulls like this certified love bug will be put up for adoption at the Texas shelter outside Fort Worth.

The shelter fell under national criticism for their pit bull ordinance and just recently began an initiative to adopt pit bulls to the public. Rescuers and animal advocates networked hard to change shelter policy. Hopes are high for success to not only save lives, but to appeal to other kill shelters like the Houston SPCA that kills all dogs who look like pit bulls.

This lovely lady is up for adoption. She is smiling for so many reasons. To inquire about her and how to adopt, contact:
Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter
403 Hickory Lane
Weatherford, TX 76086
‪(817) 598-4111 or (817)598-1112

Cindy Marabito of Reunion Rescue writes the American Pit Bull Examiner stories to save lives. Every click on a story donates a small sum to the animals of Reunion Rescue.

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Author - Pit Bull Nation
Pit Bull Nation is a tell all book about rescuing pit bulls from death row for over twelve years.

Now available in e-book and print.

Pit Bull Struck by Freight Train While Pulling Owner Away from Tracks

May 8, 2012

Dr. Kiko Bracker of Angell Animal Medical Center tends to Lilly before her right front leg is amputated (credit: Angell Animal Medical Center)
BOSTON, May 8, 2012 – Just after midnight on May 3 the engineer of a westward-bound freight train witnessed an extraordinary scene as he barreled toward a railway crossing in Shirley, Mass.—a dog was frantically pulling an unconscious woman away from the tracks. The engineer made every attempt to stop the train but was unable to avoid striking 8-year-old Pit Bull Lilly before she could clear herself from the train’s wheels.
Lilly’s human companion was unharmed but the dog was not nearly as fortunate. The train’s wheels sliced through her right foot, fractured her pelvis in multiple locations and caused other internal injuries. Critically wounded, Lilly lay down next to her companion, who remained unconscious until help arrived.

Lilly Stays Calm Throughout Calamitous Scene
The train’s engineer later told first responders that he witnessed the dog pulling the woman—Christine Spain of Shirley—off the tracks as the train drew near. The engineer, who asked not to be identified, was convinced the train had struck both Christine and the dog, and realized only after stopping and rushing to their aid that Christine was unharmed but Lilly had suffered a catastrophic injury to her right front leg.

The engineer immediately called emergency services, who arrived to find Lilly standing guard over Christine, who had collapsed alongside the train tracks while walking home from a friend’s house. Lilly’s calm and composed demeanor—despite the wail of sirens, flashing lights and frantic din from first responders struggling to make sense of the scene—is all the more remarkable given her life-threatening injuries, which by now were bleeding profusely. A Shirley animal control officer immediately drove Lilly to an emergency animal hospital in Acton where Boston Police Officer David Lanteigne, who adopted the once shy and anxious dog five years ago from an animal shelter, recovered her and rushed to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.
David had adopted Lilly three years ago as a companion for Christine, his mother, who had suffered from alcoholism nearly her entire life. Lilly became the center of Christine’s universe—and Lilly’s presence provided Christine a comfort she had never known. Said David of the bond between the dog and his mother: “Lilly means the world to my mother, who doted on the dog from the moment she came to live with her. Lilly has also played a crucial role in helping my mom drastically reduce her drinking. Lilly’s recovery from this horrific ordeal is my top priority right now and I’ll do everything possible to get her back home to us.”
Upon arriving at Angell’s Emergency and Critical Care Unit, Dr. Alice D’Amore immediately took charge of Lilly’s care. The administration of sedatives and pain medicine calmed her enough to allow the veterinary team to determine the extent of her injuries, and plan for the emergency surgery and ongoing treatment she would require. Lilly’s right foot had been completely “de-gloved”—its skin, muscle and connective tissue torn clear away. Multiple fractures to her left pelvis were especially troubling because, should she survive surgery, she could be permanently unable to bear weight or walk without assistance.
Angell’s World-Renowned Surgery Team Tends to Lilly
The veterinary team concluded that Lilly’s right front leg could not be repaired and the only option would be to amputate the entire limb. Lilly braved this surgery on Saturday, May 5. After a short recovery she endured a second surgery to repair her pelvis and rear left leg—which is now supported with steel plates. Lilly’s life will never be the same as she will be unable to bear weight or walk without assistance for the first few months after her surgery. Still, the veterinary team at Angell is optimistic that the spirit she showed as she rescued Christine may be just the trait that sees her through this new phase of her life.
Said Dr. Meg Whalen, a staff criticalist at Angell’s Emergency and Critical Care unit: “As a 24/7 emergency care hospital it’s fair to say that we have ‘seen it all’ with respect to companion animal emergencies. However, Lilly’s selfless bravery has captured the hearts of our entire staff. Her injuries are very serious and her road to recovery will be long. But she’s got the character and spirit that sometimes trumps all of our medical advances when it comes to recovery. I think she’s got what it takes to get back to her former self.”
Donations Sought to Offset Lilly’s Care
Because of the severity of Lilly’s injuries and the extensive treatment she required, the MSPCA-Angell has provided financial aid through its Pet Care Assistance program to help cover the cost of Lilly’s care. In addition to supporting other MSPCA programs, Pet Care Assistance provides financial aid to families whose animals need emergency, intermediate and critical care at Angell. Readers who would like to donate to Pet Care Assistance can navigate to
Hero Dog Challenges the Public’s Perception of Pit Bulls
At a time when Pit Bulls are maligned and erroneously stereotyped as violent or unfriendly, Lilly’s bravery is testimony to the true nature of these amazing dogs. Far from being aggressive, unfriendly or indifferent, Lilly is a bona fide hero and an ambassador for Pit Bulls everywhere. The MSPCA-Angell’s Advocacy, Law Enforcement and Adoption Center teams have worked for years to challenge the notion that Pit Bulls are innately dangerous. It is only recently that Pit Bulls have been cast erroneously as villains. At the height of the breed stature in the early 20th century they were often seen as the most decorated heroes in the U.S. Lilly has demonstrated the unconditional love and loyalty that is a hallmark of Pit Bulls—and many, many other dogs as well.
Said Jean Weber, the MSPCA’s director of animal protection: “Lilly’s story has moved us all beyond measure. I hope her actions will underscore the truth about Pit Bulls—that they are amazing animals and are as devoted to their family as any other dog.”
Once Lilly fully recovers from her surgeries she will go home to live with David, his girlfriend and their two Golden Retrievers (whom Lilly adores). Christine has moved in with David to help with Lilly’s convalescence. Lilly’s recovery will be monitored regularly by the veterinary team at Angell to ensure she has every chance of returning to her former self.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brave Stranger in Black Boots Rescues Neglected Dog

Written by Christina M. Cox of Michigan, USA

I was four and half when things began to go awry. Hearing the tension escalating in the house made me nervous. Mom left and shortly after so did my dad. The sun was setting bringing a chill in the air. Serenity took me over and I fell into a deep slumber until awakened by morning traffic. The house remained silent in an eerie sort of way.

The sun rose and set for several days without a trace of my owners. All I could think about was filling my belly with food and water. The trampled yellow and brown snow gave little relief. Bound by the short and heavy chain around my neck I was doomed.

As I began to give up hope, a rumble of a familiar vehicle coming up the drive resonated in my ears. With eager anticipation, I barked with delight. Grandma had come. She released me from my chain and away we went. After a long journey, we arrived at a house. My dad came out, grabbed me by the neck, and chained me to a tree. His angry voice echoed in my head. My elation quickly turned to bewilderment. What had I done wrong?

My heart raced with fear in a strange place with no food, water, or shelter to comfort me. As time went by things did not change. When Dad walked past me, he ignored my cries. My head pounded with every move as nausea and cold envelops me. My fur, once soft and full, was now thin and coarse hanging from my bony frame.

Just when I thought I was invisible, a dog came up to play with me. Searing pain rippled through my body as the dogs teeth tore into my neck, reopening an old gunshot wound. A few days latter, I developed an infection and puss was seeping out. I am dying and nobody cares.

Forlorn and abandoned, God had heard my cries and sent an angel in disguise. There before me stood a pair of black boots. A woman looked down at me with loving tears in her eyes. She reached out and gently cradled my head. The warmth of her body against mine comforted me. She brought me food and water. Famished, I devoured it as quickly as I could. She snuggled with me and then went away.

The Black Boots Returned
As I lay in the window well, shivering from the cold night air, I wondered if I would ever see her again. The next morning I dragged my aching body up and began to watch the cars going by. Before long, a vehicle pulled up and a recognizable pair of black boots stepped out. My heart sank when she confronted my dad. After an angry exchange, she laid down beside me on the cold ground and held me until I drifted asleep.

When I awoke, there was a huge wooden structure next to me filled with straw. With apprehension, I joined her in the doghouse. An irresistible smell was emanating from her coat. She laughed with glee as I poked my nose into her pockets to discover what this new smell was. When I could no longer contain my excitement, she handed me what she called treats. As I lay next to her savoring the mouth-watering strips of meat, she gently brushed my long matted fur. Before she left, she put some “medicine” on my neck. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had reciprocated love.

For four months, her loyalty never faltered. During this time I was told how she would love to take me home with her but her apartment was no place for a big dog like me. She had already arranged for another location. Before any move could be made, we had to have permission from dad. Even though he did not want me, he was being peculiarly stubborn.

With my renewed strength, I was able to do my night duties alerting the neighborhood of sirens and strange noises. My neighbors did not appreciate my job and called the police. Nervous from a prior history of run-ins with the law, my dad granted us permission to leave.

Rescued at Long Last
My rescue involved four people and two car rides. Our destination was far away. When we arrived it was dark and I could smell all types of interesting animals. Even though excitement ran through me, I was exhausted and could not wait to lie down on my new bed.

The next day my adopted mom showered me with love while checking my physical condition. Concerned, she called the vet and made an appointment. I had to have emergency surgery. It turned out that the exposed wound on my neck was at least a year old. The bullet went in by my throat straight through to the back of my neck leaving a trail of shrapnel and hair. The vet said it was amazing I was alive considering the fact the bullet miraculously missed my arteries and spinal chord. I also tested positive for heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) a parasitic roundworm that is spread from host to host through the bites of mosquitoes. I was too weak to have Immiticide so they opted for a two-year Heartguard Plus treatment instead.

The years have gone by and I am no longer anonymous. I have grown from thirty pounds to a whopping healthy hundred and ten-pound Great Pyrenees. Grateful for being saved, my constant smile provided me with my new name Happy. As I look back and remember the events in my life, my angel is prominent. Through her relentless efforts, I believe that God spared my life so I could share my story with you. Many other neglected animals like me, need your help. You can make a difference!

Sacred white buffalo killed, skinned

Posted: May 05, 2012 10:36 AM
Updated: May 05, 2012 10:36 AM

GREENVILLE, Texas. -- A rare white buffalo considered sacred among members of the Native American community was found killed and skinned in Texas.
The non-albino white buffalo, named Lightning Medicine Cloud in a special ceremony last summer, was discovered Thursday by Lakota Buffalo Ranch owner Arby Little Soldier near Greenville, 50 miles (80km) northwest of Dallas.

Little Soldier said, "My people -- my brothers, my sisters -- are hurt for what has happened here at this ranch. You don't think things like this are going to happen to such a sacred animal, a sacred family."

The following day, the white buffalo's mother was also found dead on the ranch and the animal's father was killed by a lightning strike last month.

Little Soldier said the animal was a symbol of hope and he would bury all three animals together along a tree line.

He said, "He was the hope of all nations. You have taken the inner spirituality. You tried to stop what we're bringing back to ya'll, but you just opened the doors to release the message to all people."

Disabled border collie ‘wakes up happy every day’

Roosevelt waits for others to catch up during a walk in the woods
on Saturday in Portland. He was named after one of the most
famous wheelchair users, President Franklin D. Roosevelt
PORTLAND, Maine — When Stephanie Fox went to see the puppy almost three years ago at New England Border Collie Rescue, she knew the breed didn’t always make the best pet. As an experienced owner of other border collies, she was well aware of their need for constant work and attention. So how much more of a challenge would it be if she adopted one with deformed front legs?
“The only difference between Roosevelt and other dogs is that instead of a collar I snap on his wheels to take him out,” she said.

“People think he should have been put down because they think he’s suffering,” she said. “But he wakes up happy every day. If you had a child with a disability you’d try to enrich them, give them opportunities. So why not do the same with a dog?”